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Hi, folks! Please excuse the mess, here. We've had some server troubles, and lost all our core data for the site! I'm trying to slowly get everything re-uploaded, and while I'm at it, I may decide to do a long-overdue re-design of the Kyoki Press site. No worries, though; it WILL be back online, soon. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding!

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Kai's Chatter Box
Update for 20 June, 2008
New ShadowFall Novels!

Enjoy reading the ShadowFall comics? Like Genjiro? If so, come on over to my new writing site at Outlaw Starr and check out the prose novels for the series! The ShadowFall comic is on long-term hiatus, but I have two ShadowFall novels on the new site, right now. One is complete, and the other, its sequel, has just begun in serialization. The novels, "The Faraian Conspiracy" and sequel "A Covenant of Shadows" take place about 20 years later than the comics series, but I'm sure you'll enjoy them, too. At some point, I will be adding the novel version of the comic, but the manuscript needs cleaning up, before I do. I'll post, here, when I get that story on the site.

I've also got a Western novel in serialization, "Rustler's Roundup," which is from my "Desperado" series, as well as several short stories from the ShadowFall universe and some other short stories in the fantasy, sci-fi and supernatural genres. Come on by and have some good reads! Remember to leave me a note in the shoutbox, and let me know how you liked the stories. I love to hear from you!

Here's a nice new banner that I made, which features the Western series, and its star, teenage outlaw, Joshua Love. I think you'll like him, too (and I may, at some point, draw a comics version of one of the short stories from his series, as well).




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