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Hi, folks! Please excuse the mess, here. We've had some server troubles, and lost all our core data for the site! I'm trying to slowly get everything re-uploaded, and while I'm at it, I may decide to do a long-overdue re-design of the Kyoki Press site. No worries, though; it WILL be back online, soon. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding!

Kaichi Satake

SF/espionage and adventure... Genjiro Nakadai thinks he's found the perfect job, when he volunteers for the Special Forces, an elite division of the Greater Union Army of Exedra. The recruiter's promise of adventure and high pay sours, when Genjiro finds out what the job really is. By then, it's too late to back out. As he falls deeper into intrigue and danger, the likelihood of getting his own life back dwindles. ShadowFall is currently on hiatus.
(NOTE: This comic is not for children; it contains graphic violence, strong language and occasional nudity.)

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Series One:
"Into the Abyss"

Series Two:
"The Secret of Nin"


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